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My father operated a dry cleaning business all his life in a small Midwest town in Iowa that was comparable to Mayberry when I reflect on it now. Around the Clock Cleaners was like many businesses doomed to be a dying trade in the future because of technology. Although, in the early ’60s it was…


Tying Flies

In the early ’60s my father worked as a dry cleaner in his own business, he would come home from work and flop in his favorite chair with his pipe, a cold beer, and the evening newspaper. He worked six days a week with Sundays off and spent his days fishing when he could.In the…

Fly’s On a Tube

I know, the so called ‘fly fishing purist’ would have an anxiety attach over this but my agenda is about catching fish not protocol

Vintage Fly Reels

Most young guys fly fishing these days don’t have the time for any gear that isn’t shiny, new, and most of it being on the expensive side. I,m old school and base my fishing skills on experience rather than equipment, so I use a combination of fly gear, some new and some old depending on…


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