Fly’s On a Tube

This is one of the best idea’s I found on the internet when looking for ways to store fly’s already made up on tippet leaders. I like tying fly’s on tippet leads ahead of time to make it easier to change bait in the field. At my age (60’s) cutting and tying on fly’s in the middle of a stream with shadows in my face doesn’t come as easy when your eye sight isn’t what it use to be. So an answer to it was to add a small snap to the end of my leader and pre-tie fly’s on a six or seven foot tippet lead with a small loop on the end to snap onto the leader.

I know, the so called ‘fly fishing purist’ would have an anxiety attach over this but my agenda is about catching fish not protocol, and this system works great. Setup right the snaps make no difference in casting as the line rolls out and lays down nicely because the snaps are zero in weight. But then I am an unorthodox fly fisherman to begin with as I use 15 pound monofilament on fly line when fishing lake lugers because who needs tapered leaders when the fish you are attempting to catch can engulf your pole.

The holders are easy to make from a piece of foam insulator that wraps around water pipes, you can purchase a 5′ piece at the local lumber store for $3.00 and there’s enough to make six or seven carriers. You can snake a thin rope through it and carry it over your shoulder when wading a stream or tie it of to your vest so you have access to it through out the day, it works for me.

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