Spring Dreaming

Big Blue in Mason City, Iowa
Big Blue in Mason City, Iowa

Well, at the time I started writing this the Iowa DNR is telling me the Brook Trout at Decorah is good fishing, “Iowa fish pool edges and heads using flies imitating prey drifting down. On sunny afternoons, fish the hatch.” Of course, it’s 5 below zero daytime temps and six or seven inches of snow on the ground, and if Decorah looks like it does around here the rivers are 95% frozen over. So, my guess is I’m probably not going to get excited to go anywhere soon as ice fishing has never been my thing, I’m defiantly a fair-weather fishing guy. But when it warms up into the 20’s or 30’s I’m going to try my hand upon the creeks and see if I can snag a trout or two. I talked to a couple brave souls that said the trout are pretty active in some of the ponds like Big Blue in Mason City where I was told if you have the patience to sit it out you’ll catch a few, but it’s awful cold for patience right now.

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